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Idea: how to make a solar panel -home wind power generator

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Make Solar Panels : How To Make Solar Panels - Build Solar Panels :
Solar Panels Made Easy :Solar Power Electricity

how to build make a small diy solar power panel

How To
Make Solar Panels Build Wind Generator
Make Your Own Solar Power How to
Generate Solar Power Electricity Free!

Finally the secret is out. How to build your own diy solar panels.
UNDER $200 "EASIEST" Make A Solar Panel Guide Available!

Do you want to save thousands off the cost of solar panels. You can
Build do it yourself solar panels - build home made wind turbine power
generator at home!

make a small residential diy solar power panel kit- Bret Parker,
EzineArticles Basic Author- homemade build make do it
yourself solar power panel guide

Regular Price SLASHED [DEL: $45.95 :DEL] Discount Price.

Only $27.00! - Limited Time Offer -
Solar Package Worth Over $200.

Slash the cost of solar panels by making them at home Yourself !

My "make a solar panel" Package contains all the information and
guidance on how to make a solar panel at home to start generating your
own free solar electricity with solar power and wind power.

Learning how to make a small solar panel at home with my complete step
by step fully illustrated diy manuals.

My easy to follow videos on how to build a home made wind turbine power

I'm going to help you reduce your electricity bill and protect the

My name is Bret Parker 59, electrician and a dedicated renewable energy
enthusiast. with 37 years experience.
My Package includes 4 Manuals with 7 Videos on how to make solar power
panels at home and how to use wind energy by adding a home made wind
turbine power generator.
Generate your own free solar electricity from renewable energy as an
alternative to fossil fuels following my complete step by step
illustrated diy manuals detailing how to make solar power panels and
build a small pv solar power panel and my easy to follow videos to add
a homemade wind turbine power generator at home for less than $130.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and
reduce your bill then this is the perfect solution for you! With the
ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now
to start saving money and start generating our own free solar

"Did you know ?"
My "make a solar panel" package is going to show you everything you
need to know about generating solar electricity free from your
My aim is to help you power your home using green eco friendly
renewable energy.
My house is powered from my very own solar panels and saving a ton of
CASH each month.

Build home made wind turbine power generator - vibration free operation

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the following reasons: Microsoft Internet Explorer blocks the flash
content on your page. Click the warning in the upper part of the
browser and select the Allow Blocked Content... You need to install or
upgrade your Flash Player.

Renewable energy - Environmentally safe - Complete instructions

how to make solar panel geneator using local parts-

- MASSIVE SAVINGS - CLICK HERE - [DEL: $45.95 :DEL] NOW - $27.00

make a solar panel solar power solar energy Now you can make a single
pv solar power panel or a complete array of solar panels to power your
home for a fraction of retail cost. My diy manuals will direct you to
where & what to look for and give examples with photos.
make a small do it yourself solar power panel from your

I have produced four comprehensive manuals and seven Videos on how to
make solar panels and home wind power turbine generator construction.
My manuals have a wealth of information, all kinds of technical stuff,
info on how to make solar panels, homemade wind turbine generator,
charge controllers, storage batteries, small solar panel wiring
diagrams and information you'll need to build a complete home energy

How Would You Like To Reduce Your Power Bill.
By Learning Easy Step-By-Step Instructions.
Build Do It Yourself Solar And Wind Powered Generators.

Solar panels are like batteries - connected in Series or Parallel to
produce different voltages and currents.

# how to make solar panels - home wind power turbine generator. #

Solar panels sold by the retailers cost $1000's but they don't mention
the fact you can make solar panels for for a fraction of the cost or
build a home wind turbine generator from your own backyard.

How Much Money Can You Save?

You don't need to be a master builder, anybody can make solar panels.
It's really quite easy to make solar panels once you know the secrets.
Plus, my guide is seperated into easy to follow step-by-step format.

homemade diy wind turbine generator wind power

how to make pv solar panels - make a small solar panel.Residential - do
it yourself solar panels

How to Make Build Small Solar Panel
Part A.
how to make solar power panel plans from your backyard How To build
solar panels.
make a small pv solar power panel cheap how to make a small solar
make a small diy do it yourself solar panel system with guides In
simple, easy-to-read english.
make build solar panels at home solar electricity step by step Where to
buy solar cells for a small solar panel.
home made build diy wind generator turbine windmill How to build/make
the solar panel frame.
how to homemade diy wind mill turbine generator Information to
calculate your electricity use.
make solar panels solar cells Where to place a blocking diode.
how to build make a solar panel The type to use for your wattage solar
solar energy make residential domestic solar panel Pages of detail
instructions and photos on small solar panel diagrams.
build diy windmill turbine generator plans at home Different types of
wire used - tabbing, ribbon
make build folding 80/100 watt solar panel in your backyard Solar
cells. How to solder
make solar energy solar electricity panels Small solar panel wiring
diagrams for series or pararell connection.

Learn How to Build a Home Wind Power Turbine Generator

how to build home wind generator plans

how to build a home wind power turbine generator. build wind turbine

How to Build a Wind Power Turbine Generator

Part B.
make solar electricity solar panels How To Build Home Wind Generator.
make a diy solar panel make solar and make wind turbine Homemade wind
home made use wind generator windmill wind turbine Easy way to make
home wind generator blades.
make build home wind turbine generator blades Perfect balance-Vibration
free operation.
how to make solar panels free electricity Testing the output voltage.
renewable energy solar energy wind energy systems diy solar panels You
have alternative energy at your home right now.
how to make your own solar panels Installing a wind energy system will
save you money
residential solar power panel step by step guide Renewable Energy
Solutions - solar and wind energy.
make a 100 watt solar panel at home - 7 - VIDEOS - how to solder the
cells - connecting the solar cells together & how to make wind turbine

My guide on building a home wind power turbine generator in great
detail. A wind generator is used together with solar energy to charge
the storage batteries or supply home power straight into the house via
the switching panel.
I will show you how to build your own wind turbine for less than $130.

When You Become a Member.
I will show you how to change the home wind power turbine generator
from spinning clockwise to anticlockwise.

Join The Green Energy Solution.

I received many "thank you" notes and "comments" from members all
around the world saying they found my manuals and videos to be of great
assistance when it came to making their own solar panels and home wind
turbine generators and are now saving money every day.

brets make solar panels

Hi Bret

I just thought I would send you a quick email to say how please I am
with my package. "make a solar panel"
You have done a wonderful job of explaining the build procedures in
full detail. Also building a wind power turbine was a great addition to
the solar, something I will consider doing later.
I have recommended your solar and wind package to 5 of my friends that
are looking for an alternative to a grid power supply. Thank you

Jack Bradman

Make Your Own Solar Panels - Generate Free Electricity Saving You

Stop Paying For Electricity.
Start Using The Free Wind And Solar Energy
That Constantly Surrounds Us
Generate Your Own Power.

Before you get started on your solar energy project you need to make
sure you have the right tools and information.
I say this because when I first started searching online for a detailed
guide I found out that many of them were incomplete and had wrong
It's very important that you have clear, correct, up to date and easy
to follow instructions.
My manuals are going to assist you to learn how to make solar panels
and a wind turbine generator.

A Complete Guide on Renewable Energy - Solar Power and Wind Power.

A Great Way to Learn What it Takes to Make Small Solar Panels & Build a
Home Wind Power Turbine Generator Without a Large Investment in Time or

diy solar power home go green solar electricity

Make your own Portable Folding Solar Panel.

You can build a great looking portable solar power system - Simply by
using parts found locally. I will explain how in my manual. A DIY user
of the manual made this small folding solar panel for $130, mainly the
costs of the solar cells and tabbing wire, flux.
He has sent in this photo of his small folding solar panel.
The Solar Panel is producing 20.8 D.C. volts on no load which is
perfect for charging batteries.
You Can Do The Same.

wind turbine

Where To Find Deep Cycle Batteries

With all solar systems you have to store the energy, this is achieved
with batteries. I recommend heavy duty deep cycle and I will provide
you with the know how to collect these batteries for next to nothing.
You will be surprised how easy it is pick up cheap batteries.
A DIY user of the manual picked up his storage batteries for $20... You
will be able to do the same. The manual has all the information

It's Not Hard To Be Green.

recharge battery-

One of the most common questions I am asked.
"How can I reduce my electricity bill?"
"Every month the account is getting bigger."

I would recommend make your own solar panels to reduce your electricity
use. I would refer them to my make a solar panel package and let them
decide if making solar panels was a solution.

After You Download My Manuals And Watch The Videos You Will Have The
Confidence And Knowledge To Buy Any Solar Cell On The Market And Make
Your Own Solar Panels.

My videos show how to solder the wires onto a solar cell. How to join
the solar cells together. Difference between ribbon and bus wire.
Voltage testing.
Another feature of my videos is the building of a wind generator blade.
How to mark out and cut the blade. Best way to build a wind generator
My manuals and videos will give you all the information to make solar
panels and build a wind turbine generator saving you thousands off what
they cost and hundreds of dollars off your electricity bill.
Some positives why you should join. Free electricity. Add value to your
home. Make your own solar and wind energy system and reduce your
dependence on the power company

how to make PV solar panel solar cells

Video 1 - type and gauge tabbing wire to use.

Video 5 - watch the video as I set out the solar cells and how to
home wind generator You can pause, rewind and stop my videos for

What's in the make-a-solar-panel
video package.

"7" videos in the series that will be constantly updated with new and
improved videos.
"2" videos on wind turbine generator, cutting out the blades

Make a Solar Panel could make a great DIY family project to make a
solar panel or a wind generator.
The manuals are in .pdf format and can be access instantly. no waiting.
Videos are in flash format for easy viewing from your computers media
You will get instant access to all the plans and instructions to create
free solar electricity.
Download the package and reduce your power bill.
A small price to pay for a guaranteed savings.
- SALE PRICE- - [DEL: $45.95. :DEL] ORDER NOW - $27.00 ..... GO GREEN
solar cells solar power solar energy-

You Are Only a Click Away To Become a Member Today. Join The Growing
Nunber Of Members Who Have Downloaded My Package.

Bret's home solar SALE.

Place Your Order And Get Instant Access

- SALE PRICE- [DEL: $45.95 :DEL]
ORDER NOW - $27.00.


Buy my Package and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
wind generator-

[You can also use PayPal]
build wind mill generator- home wind generator-
[DEL: $45.95 :DEL] SALE $27.00
build diy do it yourself wind turbine generator plans home wind

Ordering my diy manuals and videos you automatically become an instant
Member of the fastest growing site for alternative energy and diy how
to make solar power panels and how to build home made wind turbine

Contact Bret at

build wind turbine plans wind power plans Full Access to the updates
and future reviews.
make pv solar power panels free electricity Immediate access - no
shipping costs - no waiting.
residential home made wind turbine My webpage will be constantly
reviewed and updated.
residential homemade home made wind mill generator turbine blades
Homeowners worldwide will endorse my product.


Question: I'm not 100% sure about giving my credit card details over
the internet. Can I send a personal check or money order?.

Answer: No. we use a secure 3rd party payment processor so you can be
sure that your order is safe and secure. I am sorry but I only do
online payments.

(preferred payment method)


Renewable Energy - Solar Energy - Wind Energy

# Notice to Members
New Material for viewing

Batteries Interconnecting Systems -
Update 2009 ...
build home made wind turbine power generator Brief Message for Members.
make solar panel at home diy solar power Part B Batteries - Solar
Energy System - Update 2010 ...
make solar power panel home use diy solar power Inverters in Solar
Power - Update 2010 ...

Bret Parker
build wind power turbine at home from backyard ... 2011 Updates Coming!

"I just made my own solar panel. It was so simple and looks just like a
bought panel.
"My panel produces just over 18 volts.


- SALE PRICE- [DEL: $45.95 :DEL]
ORDER NOW - $27.00.

Bret Parker
If you decided not to join
thank you for visiting my site.
Bookmark and come back Later.
Best Information On The Net.
make solar panels & home wind generator.
diy easy build make wind generator-

PLEASE NOTE: make-a-solar-panel is quickly becoming the superior
solar and wind guide for DIY renewable energy. Complete, Informative
Package available on Solar & Wind Energy.
LINKS how to make solar power generator panels - build wind turbine
power generator - make solar power - solar electricity

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader Adobe Reader- l


recharge battery-

Make-a-solar-panel first class information in the renewable energy

2008 Copyright.. make-a-solar-panel
Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

How To Make Solar Power Generator Panels - Build Wind Turbine Power
Generator - Solar Electricity

End of Abstract

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